Frequently Ask Question


  What is Digital Parking?

Digital parking means, where parking without charging the user's slip is done by hitting QR code through Android only.Which is not to rely on the parking sticker's manual verification, which is taught by the Android device, which is given a digital 'QR' code during parking time.

  How many type of opprss Digital Parking?

OPPR Software Solution comes with a digital parking solution that allows you to park in a few seconds without getting a gate man. There are two parts one is Parking User and other is Parking Admin.

  How to Registration/Login for Digital Parking?

First part of the ‘OPPR Software Solution’ is Parking User. User will first get a window where there will be two options for login or registration. To register first, click on the registration link to fill the form as needed and immediately send a mobile verification 'otp' number. After completing the verification, you can access the user's parking user homepage. The user can enter the parking page immediately after completing the registration and next options for user parking such as 'Vehicle Detail', 'Add License', 'Gate Pass', 'Add Payment' etc. During the next login, the user will use the mobile number as the 'id'.

  How to recovery forget password?

At first I mentioned that there are two types of Digital Parking. For the same kind of forget password, first get the Signin page and click on the forget password link. Then if you are a user, then email the email if you have a mobile number and admin and click on change password. Wait a bit, see your new password in your mobile or email.

  In which cities is this service available?

Currently we are only available in Kolkata. However we are expanding at a rapid pace. We want to have a pan-India presence.

  How will I know if this service comes to my city.

You can subscribe to our mailing list.We will send you an email as soon as we reach your city.

  How do I , as a service provider grow my business with OPPR?

You need to register yourself as a service provider with us.We will provide you a platform to advertise your service and you can reach a much greater audience with us.

  How can I benefit as a user from this service?

You need to register yourself as a user. Then you can search for available parking spaces around you. This will help you to park your car in the proper parking spaces.Also this service is fully digital so it will make your parking experience hassle free.